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McDougle Kelsi McDougle Management and Entrepreneurship Professor Katrina Fludd 3 December 2013 Vision/Mission Being fortunate enough to be a student at Babson College means I have big expectations for both myself as a person and for my future. Ultimately, my dream is to make good money doing something that has purpose and allows me to give back to the world around me. Saying and imagining this as my future already has proven to be a lot easier than making it my future. Getting there requires not only cooperation on my part, but cooperation of all those impacting my daily life. To achieve this goal, I will need to take advantage of the resources presented to me both at Babson and in my personal life.At Babson, I will seek opportunities through professors and peers to maximize the value of my education. I will work to get internships and other real world experiences. I will also take advantage of having upperclassman on campus who can share their knowledge from experience.Also vital to achieving this goal will be traveling the world to better understand how I can best give back. Having lived in one region of the world my entire life thus far, my exposures have been minimal and therefore my learning has been restricted. In order to give back to the world through my work, I will need to learn the commonalities that exist among all places of the earth, which I can do by focusing on developing my skills as an entrepreneurial leader with a global mindset. Most importantly, in order to achieve my goal, I need to put 100% effort into everything I do both at Babson and in the outside working world. I will get out of each opportunity as much as I put in and giving anything less than my all will only hold me back from accomplishing my dreams. McDougle 2 Human Resources Many people in my life now and in the years to come will be crucial to meeting and exceeding my own expectations. Throughout all of my years as a student, different members of my family have proven to be invaluable to my success. Most importantly, I will employ my parents to help me achieve my goals. Up until this point, I have been able to receive a secondary and college education because of the work they have put in. I know that neither of them have traveled the world and that they have little understanding of many of the problems I hope to address, but without their support I will not be able to achieve what I want. My relationship with my parents is the most important when it comes to whatever I do with my future. If they are not proud of what I accomplish, I will find it hard to be proud of myself. I will also employ my brother to help me achieve my goals. Being three years older than me and also a business student at Bentley University, we share many similarities. He has learned a lot of lessons the hard way and has seen much more of the world than I have. If I can indulge in the valuable knowledge he has gained through his four years at business school, I too can come closer to achieving my goals just as he has. Lastly from my family, I will employ my uncle and my two cousins who also have extensive knowledge in business. My cousins, also graduates of Bentley University, have seen much of the world and found their own paths within the business world. My uncle has owned and operated his own businesses and has an expansive network of many authorities in the business world who impact the business realm in similar ways I hope to. Other than my family, it will be important for me to employ the faculty at Babson as well as my peers. The faculty members at Babson have seen many students succeed, but they have also seen many students fall short of their goals. The faculty’s experiences with past Babson students has taught them lessons about success in the business world. As for my peers, those I am surrounded by in the classroom McDougle 3 come from all over the world, all different backgrounds. Engaging in conversation and interacting with different people—much like traveling the world—will expose me to new cultures and new problems that I do not find in my hometown and home state. From now until I graduate college and beyond, I will employ each person I come in contact with to help me succeed in my future. I hope to be able to impact others as they impact me. Research & Development I will use modern technology to explore my desired career path and keep up-to-date on the changing world. Being aware of the world using newspapers, television, and the Internet will impact whether I succeed or not. In the past, I have been asked to find and research role models using modern technology. Now, because I have a better idea of what my future will hold, I feel as though I can research certain leading businesswomen and businessmen and b
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