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Lecture 13

COM CO 101 Lecture 13: COM 101

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COM CO 101
Dustin Supa

2nd March COM 101 Thursday Lecture 2nd Midterm Writing for Communication 1. Writing in Professional Communication ⁃ Has different objectives: Depending the field you’re writing for you there are specific writing styles for every field ⁃ Style and format is often formulaic (highly dependent on field and job) ⁃ Be audience centric know who you are writing of rand how it will appeal to them ⁃ Know the objective and audience in order to convey effective messages ⁃ Creativity comes in execution 2. General Rules for professional communication (doesn’t apply to script writing) ⁃ Third person point of view (NO ‘I think’, or ‘I feel’) : Clarity and make statements, never be a passive writer, write it strongly. DO NOT USE ‘I’ ⁃ Inverted Pyramid: Start general narrow down to the specifics, start of with the big important things and then narrow down to the details ⁃ Neutrality: Always maintain neutrality while writing ⁃ Generally written in past tense: Inform, to tell people what has happened, for promotional writing future tense can be used ⁃ Usually no more than the 8th grade level (internet writing is 3rd grade level) 3. Writing in Journalism- some rules ⁃ Short paragraphs (1-2 sentences)- Easy to compile and cut sentences for audiences, but have to be focused on central idea of the paragraph, complex sentences. ⁃ Lede is comprised of single sentence containing all pertinent information (often used to “hook” readers): Important as most people in the modern era do not read past the first sentence, people who read the headlines and skim pictures are considered highly intellectual, the “hook” is vital to the article. ⁃ Journalistic writing is for a general audience ⁃ Purpose is to inform- through a variety of writing tactics can be utilised to achieve this: Share information to the audience, different methods of conveying information. ⁃ Cutting through the clutter: Too much information, challenge is to be the “click” so summarise important information, make it concise and inform people about it. 4. Promotional Writing (Advertising or PR) ⁃ Audience is often targeted ⁃ Purpose is to create, change or foster attitudes ⁃ Generally the first goal is to gain attention (hook or idea that will grab attention) ⁃ Attempt to
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