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Lecture 4

SMG IS 223 Lecture 4: Notes - Chapter 4

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Boston University
Information Systems
SMG IS 223
Stephanie Watts

Chapter 4 What is a business process? Sequence of activities for accomplishing a function Activities are tasks within a business process o EX booking a flight online is a business process which includes several activities. First you must enter dates, times, and number of passengers to search for available flights. Once available flights are presented, the next activity is to select from the alternatives. Once these are selected, you will need to enter passenger information. Another activity will be to make seating assignments andor enter baggage requirements. When this is completed, yet another activity is to confirm your details and enter payment information. Finally, youll receive a confirmation of the flight details which you can print or save to a file. As you can see, this seemingly simple process involves multiple activities or task. Business Process Modeling o Details the Sequence of activities for accomplishing a function: steps that a business takes to complete a process, such as hiring an employee or ordering and shipping a product o They show the who, what, where, when, and how to help analyze the why o Standardization helps to enforce policies, produce consistent results, scalable, and reduce risk BPMN o Global standard for documentation o Steps: Identify process for change Analyze existing process (as is) Design new process (to be) Implement new process Continuous measurement o How to document An actor could simply be a person or a computer system it delineates who does what in a process. Each roleactor occupies their own swimlane. **INSERT CHART OF SIGNS** Computers can be a swim lane of their own if theyre completing actions
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