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Russell Rines

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Laura Quizena 3/22/17 Dr. Rines CHM1045: LAB 8 Quantitive Analysis of Vinegar via Titration PROCEDURE: PART A: Standardizing a Dilute Sodium Hydroxide, NaOH (aq), Solution 1. Use your 600mL beaker to add ~475mL of deoinized water to a clean, large plastic bottle. 2. Use your 100mL graduated cylinder to measure 25mL of 6 M NaOH, + it to water in bottle. Shake well to get uniform solution. Will use dilution for the rest of the experiment. 3. Rinse out buret several times with deoinized water. Dry the outside, and clamp to stand. Turn stopcock perpendicular (closed), parallel (open). 4. Condition buret by rinsing with NaOh dilution using funnel. Place a large beaker under the buret as a waste container, leave stopcock open and let it run out. 5. Close the stopcock, refill buret with NaOH solution close to 0.00mL. V ≠ exactly 0.00mL. Tip of buret will not have any solution, quickly open and close to fill tip of buret. Record V 1 6. Obtain 3 clean 125mL Erlenmeyer flasks, label 1,2,3. Weigh out (3 decimals) 1.0-1.5g KHP in tared weighing boat & quantitively transferring the sample to flask #1. Record exact mass. Add ~25mL of deionized water to flask #1, and swirl to dissolve the solid KHP. If does not dissolve, heat flask on hot plate until solid has dissolved. 7. Repeat 1.0-1.5 KHP and transfer for flask 2 & 3. Record mass (3 decimals). Add ~25mL of water to each of these flasks, & swirl to help dissolve the KHP. Set aside, titrate flask #1: 8. Add 2-3 drops of phenolphtalein indicator to your KHP solution in the flask. 9. Obtain a stir plate and a stir bar. Set up stir plate under buret, and turn the dial to OFF. Place a piece of white paper between t
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