HSC 343 Lecture 7: 7. Managing Loss & Grief

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5 Dec 2019
HSC343 Notes
Loss and Grief
Do’s and Dont’s:
Talk about it appropriately
Be open-minded to many beliefs
Have an act of kindness
Talk about people/pets
Share your beliefs
Not listen to them
10 needs children have concerning death:
1. Learn how to mourn
2. Mourn small losses
3. Be informed
4. Reassure that their parents will take care of themselves & probably won’t die
until after their kids are grown
5. Understand finality of death
6. Say goodbye to those deceased
7. Work out their feelings
8. Know that everyone will die one day
9. Be allowed to show their feelings
10. Feel confident that their questions will be answered honestly
Understanding death:
See death as gradual
Happens only to old people
Departure that’s reversable like in cartoons
Magic power can bring people back to life
Curious about death
Feel responsible if gone for long periods
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