HSC 343 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Sour Patch Kids, Twizzlers, Construction Paper

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5 Dec 2019
Strand #4: Social and Emotional Health
Lesson Name: Be My Friend
Grade Level: 3rd Duration: 10-15 minutes Name: Olivia Pandola
+ Kaylie Lewkowski
Michigan Standard/Benchmarks:
Standard 7: Social Skills
Benchmark 4.9: Demonstrate
strategies for keeping positive
National Standard/Benchmarks:
Standard 2
2.5.3 Identify how peers can influence
healthy and unhealthy behaviors.
Student Friendly Objective:
I can identify the different characteristics of a good friend and a bad friend.
I will be able to share what it takes to be a good friend to others.
I can explain why being a good friend is important.
Vocabulary: Important to define
Friendship: the action of being friends with someone else
Qualities: the feature or characteristic of something
Qualities of a good friend: kindness, trustworthy, caring, loving (answers will vary depending
on class participation)
Qualities of a bad friend: selfish, mean, rough, hurtful (answers will vary depending on class
Differentiated Objective:
Students will be able to differentiate between a good and a bad friend by learning the
attributes of each so that they are able to apply this to future friendships.
Dry-erase marker
22 paper bowls
5 mason jars
Gummy bears
Sour patch kids
Mini marshmallows
8 pieces of construction paper
(color does not matter)
22 sheets of “Good Apple” backup-
activity worksheet
22 popsicle sticks
We will mention that we need 8 volunteers
for our main activity-- and if we can’t get
those numbers, we’re just going to pick
randomly from the roster!
Pull up the Youtube video “BAD APPLE - A
Tale of Friendship by Edward Hemingway”
and skip to 0:17 seconds.
Have 5 cleaned jars filled with gummy
bears, Sour Patch Kids, Skittles, Twizzlers,
and Starbursts in each at the front of the
Layout popcorn bag, pretzel bag, and mini
marshmallows next to the 5 cans at the
front of the room.
Have 8 pieces of construction paper cut to
fit the size of cans and bags to be written
Write on the whiteboard with the dry-
erase marker Good Friend Qualities.
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