HSC 343 Lecture 3: 3. Michigan Model for Health

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5 Dec 2019
What is the Michigan Model?
Comprehensive, skill-based health ed. curriculum that shares your goal of helping
people live happier, healthier lives
Nationally-recognized curriculum
Research-based; aligned to standards
Easy-to-use, sequential lesson plans that meet instructional requirements
Builds knowledge/skills students need to be successful in school & life
Students who use this model have better understanding of health-ed topics & make
better choices
Easy to follow
Builds lesson in sequence
Gives detailed lesson plans for inexperienced/experienced teachers
Reginal trainers present to help assist teacher
Teachers attend training on how to use model
Small cost for schools to use-- NOT TRUE
Doesn't always allow freedom from teachers to add personal mark
Students may not be ready for some content & some are way too advanced for the
grade expectations
Doesn't fit into school district health standards
Is not consistent program that all schools use
How lessons are structured:
Teacher Input
**Comes with worksheets in the books that vary.
Easy to follow?: Worksheets are easy, very clear for teachers.
Meet standards for student needs of their age?: For the most part, has so much variety
and is very detailed.
Types of resources provided for students: Classroom manipulatives (pens, pencils,
crafts, worksheets, etc).
Good or bad resources:
Mediocre, teachers need to buy all supplies on their own (and each lesson has a
decent amount)..
Interactive resources?:
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