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FD SC 2140 Lecture 1: Food Waste Lecture 1

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Food Science
FD SC 2140
Paul Dawson

FDSC 2140 Pr. Paul Dawson Lecture Notes Food Science and Food Waste What is food science? Food Science is a combination of many different interdisciplinary fields including chemistry, biology, physics, nutrition and even engineering. It involves selection, preservation, processing, packaging, distribution, and use of safe and nutritious ingredients in relation to food products. Historical Moments for Food Preservation: 1752: 1815: 1893: Nicolas Appert Gail Borden Mechanized discovered extended the refrigeration was heating foods in shelf life of milk developed in and sealed glass jars by adding sugar used to store blood 1812: 1819: 1924: Brian Donkin Refrigeration was Clarence Birdseye substituted the first accomplished developed glass jar with a tin by harvesting ice freezing foods in can for canning from Great Lakes wax cartons What is the problem with food waste? Getting food from the farms to the stores takes a big toll on our energy usage and even then, a big percentage of it gets wastes for various reasons. This can cause many problems for us in the future and now, given the fact that populations are growing and food percentages are expected to increase in the coming years. Different statistics (provided by help to put it in perspective:
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