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Lecture 17

PSYCH 2010 Lecture 17: Research Methods

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PSYCH 2010
Fred Switzer

PSYC 2010 Pr. Fred Switzer Lecture Notes – Research Methods “Psychology is math that is applied to people.” Nobody ever says “proof” in science – we say “evidence” because the game is never over What’s a theory? A theory is an explanation using an integrated set of principles that organizes and predicts observations. They’re not right or wrong, proven or disproven, just statements. What’s a hypothesis? A testable prediction that is often implied by a theory, and is also known as a research question. **Constructs = hypothesized psychological structures, mechanisms, and variables (Ex: Introversion vs. Extroversion) **Operational Definition = actually implementing or measuring a construct (whatever procedure is used to measure the construct of question) **Construct Validity = does the hypothesized construct actually exist? High or Low based on how valid a construct is What are variables? These are constructs that can vary, or change. These are opposite of constants, constructs that don’t change. **Measurement = assigning numbers to a phenomenon such that the characteristics of the numbers reflect the characteristics of the phenomenon More Definitions related to Psychological Science: **Population = the group of people you’re applying your conclusions to **Sample = the group of people you’re actual studying **External Validity = generalizability **Internal Validity = can you trust your own conclusions? You need controls. How to Conduct an Experiment: 1. Determine independent variable and vary it to determine cause and effect 2. Control other fac
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