Electron carriers (redox centers), electron transport chain..
Electron carriers (redox centers), electron transport chain, bioenergetics of electron transport, coupling of electron transport and ATP synthesis, ATP synthase, rotational catalysis, the fourth proton

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Colorado State University
Biochem + Mole Biology
BC 351
Aaron Sholders

Lecture 12OverviewOxidative phosphorylation6O6 HO2210 NADH 2 FADH in ATP out2Two phasesElectron transport chain ETCATP synthesisElectron transport chain a chain of multisubunit enzymes responsible for carrying out redox reactions that allows electrons from NADHFADH to be 2passed to oxygen making waterLocated in inner mitochondrial membraneComplexes IIVInner membrane space is Pside positive low pHMatrix is Nside negative high pH25 ATP produced per NADH 15 ATP produced per FADH2Electron carriers redox centersNADHNAD when oxidized NADH when reducedAcceptsdonates 2 electronsProduced in many oxidative processesBinds and releases complex IVery low E reduction potentialThe 2 electrons travel togetherFADH2Flavin adenine dinucleotideProduced in many oxidative processesUsually permanently attached to a proteinFlavoproteinAn enzyme containing a flavin nucleotide as a prosthetic groupReceives and donates 2 electronsCan adopt a radical form the electrons do not necessarily travel togetherFound in complex IIEE of NADHCan be present as FAD FADH or FADH2FADH has most 2 electrons2FMNFlavin mononucleotideReceives and donates 2 electrons can adopt radical formFMNH FMNH2Usually permanently attached to a proteinFound in complex IE FADH E FMNE NADH2 Coenzyme QCoenzyme Q is a lipid soluble carrier that takes electrons from complex I and II to complex IIIReceives and donates 2 electronsCan adopt a radical formUbiquinone Qfully oxidized semiquinone radical QH ubiquinol QHfully reduced2E CoQE FMNFADH2Cytochromes
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