Food additives, Delaney Clause, saccharine vs. aspartame

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Food Sci+Human Nutrition
FSHN 125
John Avens

11 September Learning Exercise #19 Any chemical “food additive” at high enough doses will eventually cause cancer in humans or experimental animals A. True B. False Caffeine is a natural toxicant in coffee, and a food additive in cola drinks; it is not a carcinogen. 10 grams caffeine (100 cups of coffee) per day will not cause cancer; but it will kill you. Learning Objective Explain the distinction between a food additive that is “toxic”*, and a food additive that “causes cancer”*; in relation to “safe” levels of the food additive allowed in human food. *As determined by animal tests Animal Tests (rats, mice) Life time: 2 years Direct food additive: Poison toxin Dose (ppb)* Effects 0 NE 1 NE 100 NE 1,000 NE 10,000 NE 50,000 Illness – death 100,000 Immediate death *Parts per billion NE – no effect No effect level – 10,000 ppb “Safe” tolerance – 100 ppb Direct food additive that causes cancer Dose (ppb) Effects 0 NE 1 NE 100 NE 1,000 NE 10,000
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