Disease, symbiosis, transmissible agents of disease

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Microbio, Immun, Pathology
MIP 315A
Gerald Callahan

18 JanuaryGeraldcallahancolostateeduSample exam questions and answers on ramctIn class review session before each exam3 exams33 questionsMultiple choicetrue and false100 pointsFinalComprehensive50 questions from previous exams and new material also derived from presentationsDo better on the final than another exam drop lowest score and count final twiceObjectivesUnderstand the nature of the science of pathologyKnow the leading causes of death in the USKnow the leading causes of death in the underdeveloped worldKnow the reasons for the differencesUnderstand symbiosis and its various formsDisease as a Way of Life88 of Americans over 65 years of age have at least one chronic health problemConclusionHealth as we define it is the unusual state attained by very few if any human beingsIt is not our health that determines who we are as human beings it is our illnessInfectious Verses Noninfectious Diseases
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