Asthma, localized anaphylaxis, systemic anaphylaxis, detection of hypersensitivity, treatment for allergies, hyposensitization (prevention), type II hypersensitivities, anaphylactoid reactions, type III hypersensitivities, type IV hypersensitivities

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Microbio, Immun, Pathology
MIP 342
Alan Schenkel

3 MayType I clinical signs asthmaEarly response mediated by mast cells degranulationLate response thickened basement membraneType I clinical signs localized anaphylaxis atopySensitization 12 weeksShocking dose of allergen slowly distributedAtopin allergen often arrives at epithelial surfaceLocalized degranulation of mast cellsHay fever allergic rhinitis conjunctivitisRunny nose eyes sneezing coughing itchy eyes hivesThe common allergies found in dogs include flea allergy food allergy and atopy grass allergyType I clinical signs systemic anaphylaxis more seriousSensitization 12 weeksShocking dose of allergen rapidly distributedIntravenous more rapid than subcutaneousMassive degranulation of mast cellsSpecies differences in shock organs depend on location of mast cells and mediatorsLungshumans guinea pigs cattleHeartmiceLiver hepatic veinsdogsSigns of systemic anaphylaxis in a guinea pig
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