HRT 240 Lecture 3: HRT 2400- Chapter 3

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Published on 25 Feb 2019
Chapter 3: Civil Rights and Hospitality Business
Discrimination: act of treating some people different from and less favorably than others
Manifested primarily in two circumstances:
Access to places of public accommodation
Before the advent of civil right laws - statutes that prohibit discrimination - a restaurant
owner could refuse to serve any person, including blacks and other minorities, without
violating the law
1954 - U.S. Supreme Court decided the landmark case of Brown v. Board of Education of
Topeka, Kansas
Landmark decision: ruling by a judge that sets and important precedent,
sometimes marking a turning point in the interpretation of law
The ruling invalidated the practice of “separate but equal” accommodations
The CIvil Rights Act of 1964
Civil rights: personal rights that derive primarily from the Constitution
Freedom of speech, freedom of crontract, privary, due process, etc.
Outlawed discrimination on the basis of four protected classes - race, color, religion, and
national origin - in four types of establishments: hotels, restaurants, places of
entertainment, and gas station
Scope of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
Outlaws discrimination in places of public accommodation based on 4 factors:
National origin
To be illegal under the Act, the discrimination must occur in one of the four types
of public establishments, and only if the facility is engaged in interstate
Lodging establishments for transiets (as opposed to apartment buildings)
Transients: people passing through a place for only a brief stay or
Dining facilities
Places of entertainment
Gasoline stations
Interstate commerce: business transactions between people or companies, from
two or more states
If you have all 3 blue (interstate commerce, discrimination, public facilities), 1 orange (race,
religion, color, or national origin), and 1 red, (lodging, dining, entertainment, or gas station), you
have federal jurisdiction
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