HRT 240 Lecture 1: HRT 2400- Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Introduction, Sources & Attributes of Law
What is Law?
“Body of rules to which people must conform their conduct”
“A form of social control”
“A set of rules used by judges in deciding disputes”
Sources of Law:
1. Constitutional Law
a. Federal
i. Legislative: makes laws
ii. Executive: enforces laws
iii. Judicial: interprets laws
b. State
2. Statutory Law - written law written by an elected legislative body
a. Federal statutes: passed by Congress
b. State statutes: passed by state legislative
c. County statute: passed by the city council
3. Common Law - when judges make decisions on what something is based on their own
interpretation of the constitution
4. Administrative Law
a. Rules and regulations set by agencies (EX. FDA, local health departments,
building codes, etc.)
b. Rules and regulations are not the law, but they have the “forces & effect of
5. Executive Orders
Attributes of Law
The role of the Judge
The judge both “makes” the law in cases were no precedent or statute exists and
interprets the law in cases where a statute applies
Civil and Criminal Law
Civil Law
A wrong is usually done to an individual
The objective is compensation for an injury
The party who commences the lawsuit is the injured person
The title of the case includes that person’s name and the name of the
person being sued (ex. Karen Morris v. Mindy Sanders)
The person who is suing hires and pays for his or her own lawyer
Examples of Civil Law:
Contracts - an agreement between two or more parties that is
enforceable in court
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