HRT 240 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Stakeholder Theory, Green Marketing, Millennials

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Component Lifestyles is the practice of choosing
goods and services that meet one's _______ needs and
interests rather than conforming to a _______, ________
diverse, single, traditional
The criteria for a company to become a B Cort
includes: fair _______ for workers; amount of ________ that
a company produces; and company's work with
_________ businesses.
compensation, waste, local
For the demographic factors, _________
are the basis for any market. people
Green marketing is the development and marketing
of a product designed to minimize ________ effects on
the physical ________ or to improve the ________ .
negative, environment,
In the stakeholder theory, customers generate the
______ for the organization, and ______ have a financial
stake in the form of stock in a corporation. revenue, owners
___________ is measured by comparing income to the
relative cost of a standard set of goods and services
in different geographic areas, usually referred to as
the cost of living.
purchasing power
_______ is the primary determinant of
earning potential for consumers. education
Modes of social control include: ________ ,
_______ formal and informal groups, self-
_______, the media and active ________ society. ethics, laws, regulation, civil
The population of Millennials (Generation
Y) exceeded the population of _______ in
2010. baby boomers
Three ethical development levels are:
________ morality, _______ morality, and ________
preconventional, conventional,
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