MHR 411 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Job Performance, Fide, Externality

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External selection refers to the assessment and evaluation of external job applicants. Initial assessment methods are used to select candidates from among the initial job applicants. E. g. resumes, cover letters, application blanks, letters of recommendation, and more. The use of assessment methods requires a firm understanding of legal issues, including the use of disclaimers and the legal complexities surrounding reference and background checks. Bfoq (bona fide occupational qualifications) are particularly relevant to initial assessment because such qualifications are usually assessed during the initial stages of selection. During selection, the organization identifies, assesses, and evaluates samples of these ksaos most relevant to the new situation or job, as well as motivation. The logic of prediction works in practice if the organization accurately identifies and measures qualifications relative to job requirements, and if those qualifications remain stable over time so that the person carries them over to the new job.