PSYC 1001 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Circadian Rhythm, Night Terror, Jet Lag

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8 Feb 2017

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2/1/2016 and 2/3/2016
Week Four
Monday February 1, 2016; Class Six
Body Rhyths ad Metal Pace
Circadian Rhythms
Exist in plants, animals, insects, and humans
Human circadian rhythm is approximately 24 hours and easily adapted to external cues
The Body’s Clock
Suprachiasmatic nucleus (hypothalamus) responds to light and darkness
The SCN regulates the pineal gland’s secretion of melatonin at night
During the dark hours melatonin is secreted and light causes melatonin to fall
When our normal routine changes, circadian rhythms may be thrown off.
All nighters, jet lag
How can you reset your clock?
Bright lights
Time (natural recovery)
Hypnagogic Stage dreamy, as you’re falling asleep
Stage 1 Sleep: ~10 minutes; hallucinatory occurrences, drowsy feelings, sudden muscle jerks, light sleep
(easily awoken)
Stage 2: K-Complex response to external stimuli, usually sounds (grunts, incorporation into dreams)
Stage 3
Stage 4: 30 minutes; deepest level of sleep, slowest stage, least likely to wake up
First REM: dreams, 10-15 minutes
Second REM: after cycling through the stages again; longer than the first REM
The deepest sleep you’ll have is in the first two to three hours of sleep
Sleep Disorders
Apnea affects mostly overweight men
Stops breathing during sleep
Periodic Limb Movement Disorder
Sleep Talking and Walking
Sleep Terrors, Night Terrors Stage 4 sleep; mostly in children, child sits upright and screams in his
sleep, might not remember
Narcolepsy falls asleep often and goes into REM almost immediately, within seconds
Why do We Sleep?
Humans will sleep for about a third of their lives
During sleep, the body:
Eliminates waste products from muscles
Repairs cells
Conserves or replenishes energy stores
Strengthens the immune system
Recover abilities lost during the day
Lack of sleep affects hormone levels, immune system functioning, and more.
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