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Lecture 8

SPHR 2130 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Pronoun, Binoculars, Ditransitive Verb

Speech and Hearing Science
Course Code
SPHR 2130

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SPHR 2135 Lecture 8: Syntax
Syntactic Categories
A set of expressions that have similar syntactic properties, having the same syntactic
Ex: The cat and fluffy : belong to same syntactic property
Distinguish Syntactic categories based on the syntactic properties of the expressions that comprise them
NOT based on Meaning
E: Eploded ad Destoed oth atio es ut hae diffeet stati distiutios
Sally exploded. *Sally devoured
Syntactic Categories:
Noun Phrases (NP)
NP’s: a ou eplae it ith a Poou? he, she, ou, it, et
Fluffy was sleeping on the desk.
The cat was sleeping on the desk.
The cat was sleeping on the desk.
Nous ≠ NP’s
Nouns can co-occur with determiners (Det)
Det’s: Liited #
Demonstrative: this, that, these, those
Possessive: my your, his, her, our, etc
Quantificational: a, some, the, every, all, few, most, etc
Adjectives (Adj)
The cute gray cat was sleeping.
NP Pronoun She is sleeping.
NP Proper N Fluffy is sleeping.
NP Det + N The cat is sleeping.
NP Det + Adj + N The cute cat is sleeping.
NP Adj + N Sally likes her gray cat.
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