PSY 034 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Organizational Communication, Voicemail, Serial Communication

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27 Jul 2016
Lecture 6 and 7 – Organizational Communication
Organizational Communication
Communication within organization
Ways employee communicate within an organization
Problems in the communication process
Ways communication can be improved
Different people interpret the exact same message in different way
How you say is more important than what you say –the key is to communicate effectively
Types of Organizational Communication
Communication that travels from employees to manager
Open door policy manager leaves the door open so employees can go in any
type, but how many employees can the manager attend in one day?
Different types:
Serial communication
oRosen and Tesser (1970): MUM (minimizing unpleasant messages) effect give
other good news with bad news haha advantage for employee but bad for the
manager because they don't really know what’s going on
oProximity when people are close to each other they are likely to communicate
more, less proximity less likelihood to pass messages
Attitude Surveys – to get an idea where the organizational is at
oAsk employees to rate their opinions on factors such as satisfaction with pay,
working conditions and supervisors
oBeneficial if results are taken seriously
oAnd when survey results are shared with employees
Focus Groups
Exit Interviews
Suggestion boxes
oWeb-based software such as Vetter or Suggestion box manager has to check it
constantly, employees cant wait six months to get an answer
Third party facilitators (liaison, ombudsperson)
Acts as intermediary between employee and management - mediator
Neutral and works for a solution acceptable to both the parties
oRed Shirt program (Moore Tool Company) – expensive to hire a third party to be
effective, so just use a higher level manager that is impartial
Communication that travels from manager to employees
Different types:
Bulletin boards post information on online or physical bulletin boards cost
effective, everyone knows about it
find more resources at
find more resources at
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Policy manuals all the policies and procedures in a legally biding document
make an employee handbook because no one wants to read the big ass manuals,
more practical for employees
Newsletter now everything is online, but you used to get a newsletter with
positive news
Intranet – like the company’s own facebook, social networks within the company
Between employees, managers, and customers
Memos – can have a lot of detailed information to a lot of people at the same time
Telephone calls the employee can detect the inflexion of the tone (don't know
that through emails), but the information is undocumented and then you get hearsay
and you cant see body language
Emails talk to a lot of people at once or send to a particular individual cost
effective, but cant see body language or inflexion
Casperson and Poe: Email Etiquette
oInclude a greeting
oInclude a detailed subject line
oDon’t write in all caps
oDelete unnecessary information when forwarding email
oAvoid grammar and spelling mistakes
oDon’t spend company time on personal email
oAllow ample time for a person to respond 2 to 3 days, but it depends on your
Voice mail
Voice Mail Etiquette
oSpeak slowly
oGive your name at the beginning of the message and then repeat it at the end
oSpell your name
oLeave your phone number
oIndicate good times for the person to return your call
oDon’t ramble
oDon’t include information you don’t want others to hear
Business meeting time consuming and stressing, leading reason why employees
“misbehave,” fuck meetings
Communication among employees not directly related to the completion of an
organizational task, anything not related to the work, ex: talking about relationship,
Grapevine: an unofficial informal communication network, basically gossip and
Grapevine Patterns
Single Strand – from one person to another
Gossip – one person gives the information to a select group of employees
find more resources at
find more resources at
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