PSY 197 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Psy, Baby Boomers, Workplace Incivility

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31 May 2017
PSY 197 – Lecture 21
Workplace Mistreatment and Conflict
CPP Workplace Conflict Report
Majority of employees (85%) have to deal with conflict to some degree and 29% do so
“Always” or “frequently”
In Germany this latter jumps to 56%, while employees in Ireland (37%) and the US (36%) also
spend amount of time managing disputes
The primary causes of workplace conflict are seen as personality clashes and warring egos
(49%), followed by stress (34%) and heavy workloads (33%)
What are the main causes of conflict? Warring egos, clash of values
Conflict consumes regular work time, which leads to time waste
Conflict can also lead to a variety of negative consequences, like demotivation, anger and
Who should be responsible for addressing workplace conflict? Everyone, managers, senior
leadership, HR, or third parties
Types of Mistreatment
Abusive supervision
Definition: the sustained display of hostile verbal and non-verbal behaviors, excluding
physical contact – two entities who have imbalanced social power
Distinguish characteristics:
Excludes physical contact
Experience of aggression from a supervisor is different from experience of aggression
from someone else
Sustained – happens in the long run
My supervisor puts me down
My supervisor ridicules me
My supervisor tells me I am incompetent
Social undermining
Definition: behavior intended to hinder, over time, the ability to establish and maintain
positive interpersonal relationships, work-related success, and favorable reputation
Distinguish characteristics:
Affects specific outcomes including reputation/interpersonal relationships/work success
My coworker put you down when you questioned work procedures
My coworker spread rumors about you
My coworker belittled you or your ideas
Workplace incivility
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