SOCI 10100 Lecture 4: Sociology – Strait Men Having Sex with Each Other

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SOCI - Sociology
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SOCI 10100
Sergio Cabrera

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 !"
o#$$ 
 
o 
#"%  
( 
)$ 
 
o$  
' $(
o* % 
 
o#  
$ 
$ ,
) ,

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Sociology Strait Men Having Sex with Each Other The social constructions we have of strait femininity are much more fluid than strait masculinity. In the case of softball and field hockey oWomen who play these sports are seen as butch or a lesbian oMen who are ballet dancers are seen as less masculine Women can makeout in a bar and still be strait Men just cant The consequence of this construction is that because women are more sexually fluid, they can potentially be aroused by anything and everything oThi
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