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Lecture 2

HIS 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Manorialism, Centrality, Feudalism

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HIS 102

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HIS 102 Section 001
Outline of Last Lecture
I. Key Facts About Europe
II. Countries and Capitals to Know for Map Quiz
III. Places to Know
IV. Rivers and Bodies of Water to Know
V. Mountain Ranges to Know
Outline of Current Lecture
I. Europe at the End of the Middle Ages
II. Religion in Europe
III. Medieval Society in the “West”
Current Lecture
Europe at the End of the Middle Ages
Cluster of events/developments used to construct periodization
Periodization an argument
A time of many different empires
Frankish Empire, circa 600 AD
Empire of Charlemagne, around 800 AD
Partition of Carolingian Empire, Treaty of Verdun, 843 AD
Byzantine Empire, 6th Century
Saracen Empire, circa 800 AD
Kievan Rus and Eastern Europe, circa 1205 AD
Religion in Europe
Roman Church with Pope at its helm; claims authority over all Christians
Schism of 1054
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