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Lecture 16

BIOL-K 322 Lecture 16: DNA Replication Notes

2 Pages
Fall 2015

BIOL-K - Biology
Course Code
BIOL-K - Biology BIOL-K 322

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 
o+!# #,(%#-
o+ ( 
 %## #
.! 
o+ %
o 
o+, -
o" 
5 
o''+ 
o6 *&/78
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DNA Replication Notes  DNA Replication History o Thought process and study started by Watson and Crick  2 template strands complementary to each other  3 modes of replication o Conservative: 2 newly synthesized strands together, original helix conserved o Semiconservative: each copy has 1 parent and one new o Dispersive: parental dispersed into 2 new double helices  Meselson-Stahl experiment ruled out conservative and dispersive o Done with ecoli and labeled DNA strands o Both heavy and light N were found in each new strand (1 parent, one new)  Bacterial Replication o Prokaryotes have 1 circle DNA o Bidirectional from 1 origin of replication  Polymerases can do chain synthesis, but cannot start it themselves  Cairns have unidirectional and bidirectional  Has replication bubble  Replication forks occur at bubble, which allows for separation when they meet up  Polymerases are very fast in prokaryotes (processive) o Origin sequence: Rich in AT (2 bonds)  13-mer and 9-mer  Eukaryotic Replication o Because of linear, multiple origin sites o Replication much slower in eukaryotic genomes
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