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Lecture 16

INED 4435 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Anger Management

Inclusive Education
Course Code
INED 4435
Noelle Thomas

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1. Define an evidence-based practice.
a. Evidence-based practice are skills, techniques and strategies that have
been proven to work through experimental research studies or large-scale
research field studies (Iris Module).
2. List at least three benefits of implementing an EBP.
1. Three benefits of implementing EBP are:
a. An increased likelihood of positive child or student outcomes (Iris
b. Increased accountability because there is data to back up the particular
practice or program.
c. Less wasted time and fewer wasted resources because the starting practice
is effective and don’t use trial and error.
3. List three areas that an education professional needs to think about when selecting an
EBP. Discuss some considerations for each.
a. Students and setting- Each student and setting is unique so in order to have
the best learning outcome possible the practice should match the student’s
needs. However, not ever practice will match your student and setting so
in that case find a practice that meets as many characteristics of the needs
as possible.
b. Resources- Some resources and programs and training resources are
expensive and time consuming. For resources educational professionals
need to think about the amount of time it will take to implement the
resources, will they have to change the lesson and what is included in the
c. Evidence level-Not all skills and behaviors have an EBP. Therefore, one
needs to choose a practice or program with the strongest available
evidence. To review the practice or program can be time consuming
therefore one should look at an abundance of trusted sources.
4. Briefly describe the process you can use if you cannot find an EBP that matches your
students and your resources.
a. If I cannot find an EBP that matches my students and resources I will look
for a practice or program that meets the most characteristics of their needs.
I can also use scholarly articles and professional journals to find the most
beneficial practices or programs that would benefit my kids.
5. Imagine that you are a kindergarten teacher. One of your students has behavior issues. A
colleague has recommended The Incredible Years program, and another has recommended First
Step to Success.
a. Using more than one source, complete the EBP Comparison Worksheet. - See below.
Practice/Program 1
Practice/Program 2
Name of
The Incredible Years program
First Step to Success.
Source of
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