LAS 260 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Valeriano Weyler, Jean-Pierre Boyer, José Núñez De Cáceres

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20 Sep 2017
Independence Movements in the Spanish Caribbean
10 Years’ War in Cuba
Calls for equality and the emancipation of slaves and equality of criminal
Slaves were about 60% of the population of the island
This made white elites on the island nervous after hearing about
the Haitian Revolution
The white elites tightened their control over Cuba
Cuban Revolution began in 1868
Declared the Republic of Cuba on October 10, 1868
Pact of Zanjon ended what became known as the Ten Years’ War(1878)
Cuba and Puerto Rico were very slow growing colonies
Cuba grew better due to being a more successful sugar plantation
U.S. had an established economic relationship with Cuba
Bought most of Cuba’s sugar
Making annexation to the U.S. not seem so strange
First Cuban Revolution(1868)
Carlos Manuel de Cespedes annexed Cuba to the United States
Drafted a constitution abolishing slavery
At the same time the US had just finished the civil war, they pretty much
ignored what was going on in Cuba
Tensions within the movement
Maximo Gomez: wanted to burn the sugar plantations to destroy
the Spanish economy(just like the Haitian Revolution)
This was turned down because it would have destroyed the
island and its economy after the revolution
Antonio Maceo y Grajales: wanted to make the Revolution into a
slave rebellion but people felt threatened that it would be too
outrageous to make it a racial or class issue
Pact of Zanjon: gained independence..sort of
The Rebellion of 1868(PUERTO RICO)
Leader: Dr. Ramon Emeterio Betances and Segundo Ruiz Belvis
Dr. Ramon had brought back from Europe ideas of freedom and
had been exiled multiple times
explained/sent out to the people of puerto rico what the revolution
will look like and the ideals it was centered on
In Cuba and Puerto Rico slaves and other oppressed populations
were crucial to the Revolution!
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