JRN185 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: H. L. Mencken, Boyer Lectures, David And Frederick Barclay

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Published on 29 Apr 2020
JRN - 185
Newspaper Publishing
Newspaper Different Approach to Journalism
Quite apart from the physical causes, the newspaper tends to give journalism a
distinct approach from other newspapers
Provides a variety of products in one box, as opposed to asking the user to go for
different items in different locations, as on the internet
Acquires character and personality from the way it acts, and from what it acts
Never bland
Unlike other media, newspapers strive to represent and reinforce their readers'
biases, painting a view of the world that the reader can understand
Newspapers will consider the lives of their target audiences and publish content
important to them that matches in with their needs, desires, working lives, family
life and leisure
While magazines are intentionally more limited, newspapers will try to discuss all
aspects of the readers' lives: their health, holidays, income, families, babies,
clothing, food, the things they have to do with them
All of this in one handheld box
Newspaper journalism, particularly in the age of rapid and technological change,
still reflects the basic elements of journalism more than any other medium:
Figuring things out and educating us about them
Reporting stories in a clear and usable way; explaining; eradicating hypocrisy and
corruption among those who hold control, in so many respects, over the rest of us
Correcting errors and campaigning
In American Journalist's words HL
Mencken, 'to console the sick and afflict the healthy,' or, in former Sun editor
Kelvin MacKenzie's words, 'to shock and amaze each page'
Youth entering journalism, however, may not necessarily see it that way
Might see journalism as one way to make a difference
May be involved in events and want to be close to them, explaining why they're
significant, fascinating, dramatic or simply amazing
Newspaper journalists work for business organizations because, while newspapers
are companies, they are not companies like any other because they are about life
and not things; they are about people and the ways we live and are structured and
Strong reporters ask the questions and challenge the answers
Are plenty of places these days to publish information and the business of how
and when to publish it in turn
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