HIST 1062 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Habeas Corpus, Negative And Positive Rights, Olympe De Gouges

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29 Jan 2019
History of Human Rights
HIST 1062- Lecture 2
Age of Revolutions
Upheavals in America and France at the close of the 18th century
-Human rights and enlightenment in the age of revolutions
-Intellectual tradition in western Europe in 17th century
-Intro of concept of national rights
-take a step back from religion
-Individual achievement
-Thinkers and philosophers rejecting religion, new ideas ab sovereignty
-No more absolutism
-People as a result of being human are to claim rights
-1215: Magna Carta
-Limits royal authority
-Rights for some people
-Not a human rights document
-Laid foundations for later documents though
-English civil wars (1642-1651)
-1628: Petition of right
-1679: Habeas corpus
-1689: English bill of rights
-John Locke
-Jean-Jacques Rousseau
-“Man is born free but he is everywhere in chains”
-Adam smith (1723-1790)
-Radical philosophers contemporaries of adam smith
-Reimagining global economy
-Increasing profits
-Making the global economic pie larger, rather than there only being so much
-Capitalism big for merchants emerging from the medieval era
-There is political instability: Let’s make some money
-Negative and positive rights
-Negative: freedom from
-Freedom of speech
-Fair trial
-Unreasonable search and seizure
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