Lecture 2 on Biology for Health Sciences

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BIOL - Biology
BIOL 105
Gregory Zagursky

The Process of Science 1) Goal of science  Make accurate predictions  Establish cause and effect relationships o Ex. If you dam this creek trout will not reproduce  Make models that explain the natural world o Weather  Applied science o Produce useful products 2) Science is a process used to explain natural events  A process for solving problems  A process to understand natural phenomena  Laws, principles and rules o Developed to explain nature Scientists use two main approaches to learn about nature 1) Discovery science  In discovery science o Scientists describe some aspect of the world and use inductive reasoning to draw general conclusions 2) Hypothesis-Based science  In hypothesis based science o Scientists attempt to explain observations by testing hypotheses With Hypothesis-based science, we pose and test hypotheses Hypothesis based science involves  Observations, questions, hypotheses as tentative answers to questions  Deductions leading to predictions, and then tests of predictions to see if a hypothesis is falsifiable The scientific method The procedures that scientists must use to arrive at valid conclusions  Separates scientific fields of study from all others 1) Observation  Recognize a problem or question  Collect empirical “observational” evidence  Library work 2) Question formula  Clearly identify the problem  Is answering this question of some value? The Process of Science  Be creative- a new approach 3) Hypothesis formation  A testable statement abou
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