Anatomy Lecture Notes On Sept 19

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San Jose State University
Biological Sciences
BIOL 065
Dr.Joanne Kerr

Digestive System Glands: Salivary Glands, Pancreas, Liver and Gall Bladder 1. Salivary Glands a. produce saliva b. 3 Pairs of salivary glands: i. Parotid 1. large, in front of ears, can see inside the mouth ii. Submandibular 1. below jaw and side of the neck iii. Sublingual 1. glands under tongue, has many ducts c. Function i. helps mouth moist ii. moisten food when eating iii. help teeth stay clean iv. neutralize acids in food we eat v. begins starch digestion vi. Can absorb tobacco tar in the mouth d. Pathologies i. Mumps 1. very contagious 2. Adult men can be affected in the testicles and could become sterile 3. viral infection 4. located in the parotid glands 5. makes the parotids grow big = swollen cheeks ii. Tumors 1. 2/3 are not cancer 2. must be removed 3. has a lot of lymph nodes in neck = must remove tumor FAST! 4. 1/3 of the time is cancer. Not common. iii. Stones in Ducts 1. saliva can form stones and crystallized 2. Salivary stones 3. clog up the duct = painful 4. one cheek gets swollen and tender e. Pancreas i. behind intestines, stomach, and other organs ii. very "shy" organ iii. about 6 inches long iv. Components 1. Head (upper right, surrounded by doedum, C-Shaped) 2. Body (extends across abdominal area, lumpy shaped) 3. Tail (narrow, comes contact with spleen) v. Ducts with Sphincters: 1. Main Pancreatic Duct a. enters deodeum b. everyone has this duct c. Some people have two ducts 2. Acessary Pancreatic Duct (not everyone has this duct) 3. Common Bile Duct a. cystic and liver ducts b. opens at ampeulla of vater vi. Exocrine and Endocrine Components vii. Pathologies of the Pancreas: 1. Diabetes Mellitus 2. Pancreatitis a. inflammation of pancreas b. abdominal area hurts everywhere c. can react to medicine and make pancreatitis d. diff
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