BIOL 065 Lecture Notes - Clitoris, Miscarriage, Hysterectomy

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4 Oct 2013
Female Reproductive System and the Breast
1. Germinal Epithelium
a. made of columnar epithelium
b. 300,000 eggs (primordial follicles) from the yolk sac (through umbilical cord)
c. cancer of ovaries start here
2. Primordial Follicles
a. nothing happens until girl hits puberty
b. Thecal cells form around the egg and Follicle will grow and some will die.
c. Cells around follicle will release the egg
3. Corpus Lateum (yellow body)
a. produced hormones essential to pregnancy, placenta growing, implanting
(estrogen and progesterone)
4. Corpus Albican (white body)
a. very large = pregnancy
b. Corpus Luteum forms the Corpus Albicans either without successful fertilization
or at the end of pregnancy
5. Ovaries thought to Alternate Ovulation:
a. Women are fertile with only one ovary
b. Timing of ovulation about every 28 days (may be longer or shorter)
c. Each month several follicles begin to develop, they atrophy, undergo atresia and
form atretic follicles
d. About 400 OVa are ovulated in women's life time
6. Cysts
a. very common in ovaries, not dangerous, because lots of fluid in ovaries
b. cysts = ball of fluids
c. when cysts are not reabsorbed, they can be painful and very large
7. Ovarian Cancer
a. Spreads very easily
b. Tumors divide fast throughout abdominal cavity
c. Complications = very difficult
d. Discovered late most of the time
8. Fallopian Tube
a. Uterine Tubes or Oviduct
b. Paired, extend from ovaries to the uterus
c. Fingers catch the egg when ovulated
d. Include cilia which helps move the egg to the uterus
e. Smooth muscles help move the egg
f. Fertilization usually occurs in fallopian tube
g. There is a gap between ovary and fallopian Tube
i. Opening towards Abdominal Cavity
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