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ANT 185
Van Hollen

Amanda Ho ANT 185 Professor Van Hollen TA: Erik Siedow Research Proposal A. Research Question a. What do you plan to study? i. Chinese International Students b. What is the larger question you hope to answer from this study? i. What are the views of Chinese international students of the American culture and tradition as compared to their own culture? c. What do you expect to find? i. I expect to find that there will not be too much of a culture shock due to possible previous exposure through media consumption. B. Significance a. Why is this project significant to you? i. I am curious as to how someone from a different country views the American culture. b. Why would this project be significant for others? i. It will show the view of our own culture from an outsider’s perspective. c. Who would the audience for this paper be? i. Anyone who wishes to learn more about the American
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