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BIO 121, October 8th

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Syracuse University
BIO 121
Jason Wiles

BIO 121, Class Notes - October 9th DNAMolecule Key Concepts • The DNAmolecule consists of two strands that wrap around each other to form a double helix • The order of its building blocks stores genetic information Base pairs • Hydrogen Bonding • Between specific base pairs • Binds two chains of helix • Adenine (A) with thymine (T) • Forms two hydrogen bonds • Guanine (G) with cytosine (C) • Forms three hydrogen bonds Anti-parallel, important for replication • Semiconservative Replication • Each daughter double helix consists of One original stand from parent molecule • • One new complementary strand DNAReplication • Two stands of double helix unwind • Each is template for complementary strand • Replication is initiated • DNAprimase synthesizes RNAprimer ASE - enzyme • • DNAstrand grows • DNApolymerase adds nucleotide subunits • Builds DNA Other Enzymes • DNAhelicases • Open the double helix, unzips • Topoisomerases • Prevents tangling and knotting, holds DNAopen while replicating Key Concept • DNAreplication results in two identical double-stranded DNAmolecules • Molecular mechanism passes genetic information from one generation to the next Replication is Bidirectional • Starting at origin of replications • Proceeding in both directions DNASynthesis • Always proceeds in 5’- 3’ • Leading strand • Synthesized continuously • Lagging strand • Synthesized discontinuously • Forms short Okazaki fragments DNAprimase synthesizes RNAprimers • • DNAligase links Okazaki fragments DNAPolymerases • Proofread each new nucleotide • Against template nucleotide • Find
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