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Lecture 3

PSYC 360 Lecture 3: Lecture 1

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PSYC 360
Mary Winifred Meagher

Psychology 360 Dualism and Monism Dualism is where the mind and body are looked at as two different things Monism is when you believe that your mind and body are connected Prehistoric Period? - Mind and body are one - Stone age skulls and trephination - Shaman performs the treatment Ancient Greece - Physical illness where due to natural causes - Mind and body influence health - Hippocrates 460-370 BC - Galen 120-200 AD - Humoral Theory Middle Ages - Return to supernatural causes of illness - Demons or God’s punishment - Church guardian of medical knowledge - Priest’s assume role of healing - During this time the catholic church became very powerful and Europe went through a dark period where they lost all of their Greek ancestor knowledge stuff Renaissance - Dualistic concept of mind and body - Mind and body are two separate systems - Attempts to break away from superstitions of past centuries - Theologians, priest, philosophers treat the mind - Physicians heal the body, Physical evidence is the sole basis of diagnosis Rene Dis… Models of Health Care: Biomedical model - Focus on illness - Dominant model for the past 300 years - All illness can be explained on the basis of aberrant somatic processes - Psychological / Social process o Independent of disease Characteristics of Biomedical Model - Dualistic o If you think of the body as just a machine you will not be concerned if the patient is depressed after getting a mastectomy. You will miss important parts in the patient’s life that will affect the treatment
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