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Lecture 10

MGT 300 Lecture 10: MG Chapter 10 Notes

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Daniel Bachrach

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Management Chapter 10 Notes Fundamental Change: What Will You Be Called Upon To Deal With? 1. The marketplace is becoming more segmented & moving toward more niche products ➢ Amazon can sell a large number of niche products 2. There are more competitors offering targeted products, requiring faster speed-to-market 3. Some traditional companies may not survive radically innovative change ➢ Disruptive innovation; Nokia in the cell phone market ➢ 4. China, India, & other offshore suppliers are changing the way we work ➢ Offshoring manufacturing, but also knowledge work 5. Knowledge, not information, is becoming the new competitive advantage ➢ Valuing analytic, problem solving, and abstract reasoning skills Disruptive Innovation • Disruptive innovation ➢ A process by which a product or service takes root initially in simple applications at the bottom of a market and then relentlessly moves up market, eventually displacing established competitors Two Types of Change • Reactive change ➢ Making changes in response to problems or opportunities as they arise • Proactive change ➢ Involves making carefully though-out changes in anticipation of possible or expected problems or opportunities (strategic planning) The Forces for Change: Outside the Organization 1. Demographic characteristics ➢ Age, education, gender, immigration 2. Market changes ➢ Mergers, competition, recession 3. Technological advancement 4. Shareholder & customer demands 5. Supplier practices 6. Social & political pressures Forces Originating Inside the Organization 1. Employee problems ➢ Unmet needs ➢ Dissatisfaction, absenteeism, and turnover ➢ Productivity 2. Managers’ behavior ➢ Conflict ➢ Leadership ➢ Reward systems Areas In Which Change is Often Needed 1. Changing people ➢ Perception, attitudes, performance, skills 2. Changing technology ➢ Not just IT, but also processes 3. Changing structure ➢ New strategies require changes in structure 4. Changing strategy ➢ Marketplace shifts require strategic shifts Three Kinds of Change • Least threatening: Adaptive change ➢ Reintroduction of a familiar practice • Somewhat threatening: Innovative change ➢ Introduction of a practice that is new to the organization • Very threatening: radically innovative change ➢ Involves introducing a practice that is new to the industry Gain Allies By Communicating Your Vision • Show how the product or service will be made • Showing how potential customers will be reached • Demonstrating how you’ll beat your competitors • Explaining when the innovation will take place The Causes of Resistance to Change • Resistance to change ➢ An emotional/behavioral response to real or imagined threats to an established work routine Reasons Employees Resist Change • Individuals predisposition toward change • Surprise and fear of the unknown • Climate of mistrust • Fear of failure • Loss of status or job security • Peer pressure • Disruption of cultural traditions or group relationships • Personality conflicts • Lack of tact or poor timing • Non-reinforcing reward system Lewin’s Change Model • Unfreezing ➢ Create the motivation to change • Changing ➢ New information, models, and procedure • Refreezing ➢ Support and reinforce the
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