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Chem & Biological Engineering
CE 318
Professor Chong Cheng

Llw5, 4,a-+, 47-t.+.1^A, hy-> (+r;I$o.yl) iil"hefyar) L.",+",,,2II Wti}y G"l*v*v" tf.& "rt >4.IW ww*zb^k llth wiaf.cw+lW A^f (*t W,@*) P*ilry -. lq"rl ?t4 WXt',*+>n Pu.4,ft'lpl;nwu , daw;l,b*i^ CW b,hry v crn(r6'Piun), 7ga"&ti?\tu^.tt']rr"+/,/t"< br,n L bW €,brdla*7u,.> b;|g) &f,t' (t.rr'p Ltrd" hrV , atnftryqrv"t ,, 'h*n(t, W*/''zn^ ry*'* Gas Il-r* 150ac I ']:s+L G(petrot) 200oC | Kerosene Diesel0il FuelOil Lubricating Parafrin 0il, t- AsphaltWax, Il FURFIACE Buil;"p. A . "TL.r r,,,+ ,'ili^, lk,*,, = o{.{i*tl u( .{i-tlise{"*,L'+- -sLLfre*wz d'!-4nrf *"re.. ? / , B"f/ t.frt1yi'e',lly Az,*z,y ^ sr,,{ru clrte-vur,c7- ,\t"[email protected] e,,L'e-y.l.C+-D N l06 i ros d 'T*>L losF tuhz-'"-- r. I too vCr l04 ww1j4-."1=6 P (77t"rk"* lot'L) l0I lo lo2 lo3 lo4 *dn A?"F=T--2l2oF rdxv,*Lrf 4 I/a 15 LT Frcun4.8-1Boilmechaniforwater at atmo- {.4'T=lw* b.pt ts ntwwwN *, sph(A)c prhefuxvstemperature boil(C)transboili(DfiImeate Jiu*-t(o-1",)h fq"*" boiling. *u re)i,ns nl"* l** ^ t/*-tq*n r). Al+l-, A . |,l{f,,trtuLee*lo,., AT < e 'C Lrz-AJc'>': fuW o,JH"s wn ,a{,r.*t t**i r*,$t *-/ ,,.1"io{*^t fu @ prwtal,,^ "L wp,,"h{rp lwrn.dt'y$s tw-tuan*Lrrvt/u+fu, t-' J ). Wunb'= rv'"+rlt"t,( 1t L\,", lu""4V7rn b,;[U"" ,. ;' loil;"f ,vb,f,r- u,f 1*.*r" v4* i, p^ ( i'*/*.i* ^1 / , ity" "ti;ukv+s ./' , fL\ +) , boitry- ,1,111.",:"7 Y,*D fit* fu,ltr,+i'n,U^1t ei''hfr Vy* Uf, h*,realz *,{ L "/A L T,4o*' 4 L o" aT ir*+,1*v*w tL^f oqsrzinxte-tu4. _furbe,l,rl,+rt glee Mh,dqM,ry eu4 " J,e:sr{,{*,"/ , yry, ,14 lt;y*";t> + ?7, >s+.oiL{fntbno4Lt**fud -fl,^tl^1-Tn t'wn'l fwr74 $"ftonfvtl er,' 6uk4.Ol*r"&* ryAly),=I'w I4r o)'4 /,,*11-? f:tb [uT ,.)' ll
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