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Cognitive Theories

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TAL 103

Cognitive Views of LearningLEARNINGCognitive view of learningLearning is viewed as an activeinternal mental process of acquiring rememberingusing knowledge that cant be observedBehavioral viewLearningchange in behaviorCognitive viewLearningchange in knowledgeKnowledge is generaldomain specificGeneralMolding clayMoving your bodyDomain specificThrowing on a pottery wheelAcrobaticsMEMORYMemory system modelSensory memoryShortterm memory workingpart of longterm memory that is presently activemaintenance rehearsalelaborative rehearsal use logic to associate it w old memoriesretain it in longtermchunkingphonological loop echoic memoryvisuospatial sketchpad keeping an image in your head iconic memoryLongterm memoryInfo is transferred btwn storage systems through control processesattentionrehearsalelaborative rehearsalTopdown processingOur prior knowledge affects how we perceive sensory infoGestalttendency to organize perceptual input into patternsconfigurationsBottomup processingAnalyze sensory info before using prior knowledge to process itFeature analysisanalysis of the component parts leads to retrieval of a prototype or exemplar in memoryChildren with autism tend to be bottomup processors they see the little letters before the big pictureRole of attentionGuides our selection of info from the environmentEffortfullimitedAutomated learning bypasses attentionStroop taskColor vs wordCognitive interferenceAutomated process of reading interferes w ability to name the colorTemporal context
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