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Lecture 8

SOC 271 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Ergot, Coyote, Social ControlPremium

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SOC 271
Robert Crutchfield

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SOC271 Lecture 8 - Structural Functionalism
October 23, 2018
Social control: what societies use to regulate behavior of individuals. To reaffirm norms & set
Specific institutions to create social control
Any institution legally established to regulate behavior
Ex: law enforcement (police), parliament, government, etc
Sources of social control which are generally intended for other purposes
Informal systems of social control
Far more effective at regulating behavior than formal systems!
Ex: families, schools, religious groups, friend-groups, friends, communities
Social structures: can create or influence both deviance and social control
Structural Functionalism:
Theory (now disproven)
“If a social structure
(including deviance) exists, (and is enduring) it must be performing a
positive function for the society” (professor)
Macro level (society vs individual)
Deviance allows us to reaffirm norms
Shows which rules are important to a society
And which are no longer so
Boundary maintenance:
Shows limits of behavior
Ex: salem witch trials
Ergot: Fungus that grew on rye, a hallucinogen, made
people act like they were bewitched, muscle spasms etc
Affirms geographical jurisdiction (ex: Seattle vs Portland laws)
Ex: Puritans being banished, then banishing Quakers
Quakers dont believe in organizational authority
Threat to society structure!
The need to sanction:
There will always be deviance. It is needed!
Ex: we build prisons now we need to fill them up with someone
Ex: prostitution protects society
Services undesirables of society
Protects legitimate women from those undesirables
Good for families: protects institution of family
Family: economic unit for procreating & raising children
COYOTE: call off your old, tired ethics.
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