CMN 101 Lecture 5: Friendships

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6 Feb 2017
Lecture 2/6 — Friendships
-friendships have similarities with romantic relationships
-The nature of Friendships
-a voluntary personal relationship, typically providing intimacy and assistance, in which the
2 parties like one another and seek each others company
-we have a social attract to our friends
-friendships will not develop on their own
-Attributes of Friends
-support (ex. providing things for us)
-Differences between friendships and love
-less complex feelings
-less stringent standards and obligations
-lack of overt expressions of positive emotion
-Similarities between friendships and love
-self disclosure helps relationships progress
-Social Support
-having a friend who will provide aid for us
-Emotional social support: we will give someone acceptance, reassurance
-Advice support: how to do something differently
-Material support: giving someone something tangible when they are stressed (ex.
-Affinity seeking strategies
-strategies we can use to increase our levels of social attractiveness for other people
-based on what people think makes them attractive, what people think makes people like
them, and what people think makes others feel positive toward them
-Bell & Daly
-be of help to others
-appear in control
-present self as socially equal
-present self as comfortable with others
-allow others to assume some control over relational activities
-follow cultural rules
-appear active, enthusiastic and dynamic
-stimulate and encourage others to talk
-engage in self disclosure
-appear optimistic
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