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Lecture 33

PSYC100 Lecture 33: Lec 33

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Ly Agnes

Lec 33 Wrap up schizophrenia o Look over diathesis stress model o Talking about stressors, exceeding capabilities to cope really illustrates a stressor o Medication is key, especially for positive symptoms Not a cure, comes with side effects o Combining psychosocial interventions with medication has been found to be very effective for a more positive prognosis Replapse rates with meds only are higher Replapse with social skill training is lower Relapse with medication and faily therap is lower Little to no replapse with meds, social skills, and family therapy Shift into biopsychosocial model (circle with health and illness) o In the past health and illness are looked at with a traditional medical model, that there is a biological component we need to medicate In past the sicknesses were influenza and tb o Today the shift is the differences in sicknesses chronic long term illnesses o In research they dont see consistent findings except in exercise Mind body connection Mind body problem mind separate from the body, or all together?
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