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University of Massachusetts Amherst
COMM 287
Jennifer Mc Dermott

Comm 287: Advertising as Social Communication September 17 , 2013 Criticism of Advertising *Not all of them can be correct (by definition) 1. Why advertising exists? 2. How does advertising work? 3. What effects does advertising have? WHY ADVERTISING EXIST? John K. Galbraith – The New Industrial State  He argues/thinks, modern industrial society seems to be obsessed with production of economical goods and economical growth.  There are always cost effects  He says 2 effects (costs) o Ecological, resources and pollution, climate changes o Social, industrial conflict, workers vs employers Are the costs worth the benefits of the present situation? -Present stress on production of good can be justified in 2 ways: Why so much stuff? 1. Production creates jobs 2. Production of goods satisfies consumer needs; driven by consumer demand Main justification for stress on production!  Basis of tradition economic theory: theory of consumer sovereignty The “Accepted Sequence”  For the accepted sequence to be vaild it would have to be shown that
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