Lecture on April 26th: Beyond Peers and Family

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Psychology & Brain Sciences
Lori Astheimer Best

Developmental Psychology, Lecture on April 26th Chapter Sixteen: Beyond Family and Peers Television and Related Visual Media; Time watching television,  in the United States, children spend more time watching TV than any other activity besides sleep.  by high school graduation, 3 years will have been spent watching television. Individual differences in television watching:  wide variation among preschool children in number of hours watch TV (very little to 75 hours a week).  in homes, books are less readily available and TV is likely to be on, TV rates in kids are higher (2004;2006).  boy's watch more than girls, children of lower SES watch more.  individual viewing habits remain stable over the years. Comprehension of TV programs:  attention declines when certain features are modified (ex: a different language).  suggests that children focus on the parts of the show they best understand.  difficulty understanding, o subtle cues (motive, intention and feelings). o lengthy and/of complex story segments. o explicit and implicit information. o content separated in sequence. o fictional nature. TV's influence on language development: language acquisition: mixed correlation findings that certain shows enhance aspects of initial language development (vocabulary size and speech complexity). counterpoint: 2009 study revealed that whenever the TV was on there was a drop in vocalizations and thus less rich social interaction for the child. TV's influence on cognitive development: Video deficit, children under three years old learn less from a simple videotaped presentation than when information is provided by a real person.  greater percentile and cognitive demands to process a video.  may not be aware that video provides useful information. TV's influence on social development:  greatest effects from cartoon violence.  p
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