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Chapter 17

PSYC 2450 Chapter 17: Textbook Notes - Chapter 17

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University of Guelph
PSYC 2450
Carol Anne Hendry

Chapter 17: Outside social influences on A Childs development TELEVISION Canadian statistics on TV viewing More than 98 of homes have t least one television Kids between 21yrs of age spend on average 15.3 hrs a day watching television Boys watch more TV than girls By 18, more time spent watching TV than any other activity (except sleeping) THE NOTEL STUDY Before TV children had higher creativity and reading abilities than Canadian peers with access to TV After TV brought to Notel, decline in reading and creativity Overall advantages and disadvantages Reports that occasional TV is okay, important how much they watch TV, what other activities they engage in, and what they are watching TELEVISION LITERACY IS THE ABILITY TO Understand how information is conveyed on TV Properly interpret information DEVELOPMENT OF TELEVISION LITERACY Piecemeal understanding in young children before age 8 dont grasp what they are watching Actions remembered rather than goals Fictional aspect not understood Middle childhood and adolescence Interpret production features Recognize intent EFFECTS OF WATCHING VIOLENCE ON TV Cartoons especially violent Violence often portrayed with humor
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