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HIST 201
James Scow

Food for Thought • Who was diagnosing patients? • Is this a good test case? o Was it a good system to tell when they died based on arm position? o Did they have case studies on the people? o Do you know to what extent that doctors were involved? • Could the disease be treated? o It can now, because it will halt the damage that Hanson’s disease has o They could not cure it in the Middle Ages, doctors were not sure how to treat patients with this disease • By whose standards did physicians do their job here? Schalick on Opium • They recognized the effects of opium o Sleepy, slows digestive system, etc. • They used it in some ways we would not, and some ways we would o Pain management we would agree with use; today, we would not use it for a cold (slows the humors), or to soothe a teething baby • There was market demand for the use of opium, and it was regulated o Patients wanted it,
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