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Lecture 11

PSYC 427 Lecture 11: Chapter 11- Problem Solving

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PSYC 427
Dulaney Cynthia

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Chapter 11: Problem Solving Gestalt Approach: -Contributed to study of problem-solving (response set, insight, incubation, functional fixedness) -Did not have operational definitions of their concepts -Did not look at the components of problem-solving, only success of a solution Information-Processing Approach: -(Polya, 1957) -Understand the problem (encode problem into working memory) -Devise a plan (search long-term memory for relevant info/past solutions) -Carry out the plan (execute solution from LTM) -Look back (compare solution to given problem) -(Simon, 1956 & 1979) -Satisfice = accepting a choice that is good enough -General Problem Solver (GPS; Newell & Simon, 1972) -Computer simulation -Limited capacity working memory -Large capacity LTM -Serial processor of information -Reliance upon heuristics -Means-ends analysis -Divide the problem into sub-groups
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