COMM 1502

Core Business Applications

Dalhousie University

The course focuses on how business applications, notably Word Processers, Spreadsheets, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems e.g. SAP and Data Visualization tools, contribute to the management, analysis and reporting of data with respect to business processes and how they can aid in the solving of business problems. This course begins with an overview of Management Information Systems, before proceeding through several modules that involve data-to-document transformations, along with data integration between various applications. We use spreadsheets to perform routine business calculations, and visualize the data using business digital dashboards. The analyses are then collated and summarized using features of word processors to produce a final report for each business case that is analyzed. Each successive module increases the complexity of the analyses and reports. As the course progresses, business simulations will be used in assignments to provide experiential and immersive learning opportunities. The course is taught with both in-class lectures and self-paced computer laboratory exercises
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