AEBI 120

General Biology

McGill University

An introduction to the structure, function and adaptation of plants and animals in the biosphere.

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Gary Brian Dunphy

AEBI 120 Syllabus for Gary Brian Dunphy — Fall 2018

General Biology
Lecturer: Gary Dunphy
Room: MS3066
Telephone number: 514-398-7903
E-mail: gary.dunphy@McGill.Ca
Office hours: By appointment
3 credits: 3(Monday 1.5h, Friday 1.5h) lectures, 1 lab
Textbook (of your choice): 1. Biology and unity and diversity of life. C.
Starr and R.T. Taggart (Any edition)
Editions on reserve in the library
2. Biology. (Any edition) Campbell, Reece
et. al.
Editions on reserve in the library. Electronic versions available. Old
copies available for varying prices in the Book Store. New copies ±e-
version also available in the book store.
Course description: A comparative approach will be used among
animals, plants and micro-organisms. Included is the basis of life in
terms of structures and functions. The course will cover cells, tissues,
organs/organ systems, communities and other ecological aspects.
Functions will involve metabolism, nutrition, perception, reproduction.
Genetics and biodiversity will be addressed.
Grading Scheme
Mid-term I 15% October 4, Centennial Centre Ball Room (1.5h)
Mid-term II 25% November 5, Centennial Centre Ball Room (1.5h)
Final Exam 25% Unknown
Lectures 65% Value of course
Lab write-up I 10% November 5-9 Cell growth due
Lab write-up II 15% November 26-30 Population growth due
Lab workbook 10%
Lab section 35% Total value
Laboratory Schedule (topics subject to change without notice due to
company supply situations)
Lab 1 September 10-14 Metric system and microscopy
Lab 2 September 17-21 Organization of living things
Lab 3 September 24-28 Library systems
Lab 4 October 1-5 Cell structure and cell types
Lab 5 October 15-19 Cell Growth (write-up required)
Lab 6 October 22-26 TA interaction for lab write-
Lab 7 October 29-31, November 1-2 Genetic Engineering
Lab 8 November 5-9 Energy conversion (cell growth
write-up due)
Lab 9 November 12-16 Population growth (write-up
Lab 10&11 November 19-23 Cell division, tissues
Lab 12 November 26- 30 Population growth write-up
McGill Policy Statements;
1. McGill University values academic integrity. Therefore, all students must
understand the meaning and consequences of cheating, plagiarism and other
academic offences under the Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary
Procedures(see for more information). (approved
by Senate on 29 January 2003)
« L'université McGill attache une haute importance à l’honnêteté académique. Il
incombe par conséquent à tous les étudiants de comprendre ce que l'on entend par
tricherie, plagiat et autres infractions académiques, ainsi que les conséquences que
peuvent avoir de telles actions, selon le Code de conduite de l'étudiant et des
procédures disciplinaires (pour de plus amples renseignements, veuillez consulter le
2. “In accord with McGill University’s Charter of Students’ Rights, students in this
course have the right to submit in English or in French any written work that is to
be graded.” (Approved by Senate on 21 January 2009 - see also the section in this
document on Assignments and evaluation.)
« Conformément à la Charte des droits de l’étudiant de l’Université McGill, chaque
étudiant a le droit de soumettre en français ou en anglais tout travail écrit devant être
noté (sauf dans le cas des cours dont l’un des objets est la maîtrise d’une langue). »

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