ECON 111

Introductory Microeconomics

Queen's University

An introduction to microeconomic analysis of a modern mixed economy. The course analyzes the behaviour of individual consumers and producers, the determination of market prices for commodities and resources, and the role of government policy in the functioning of the market system. ECON 111/3.0 and ECON 112/3.0 are together equivalent to ECON 110/6.0.
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Ugurhan Gazi Berkok

ECON 111 Syllabus for Ugurhan Gazi Berkok — Fall 2018

9/10/2018 Course Descriptions - ECON110A/111 - Principles of Economics: Introductory Microeconomics F18 1/1
Course Descriptions
The purpose of first year economics courses is to introduce students to the basic analytical principles and tools
of modern economics, and to illustrate how these can be used to help understand observed economic
phenomena, contemporary economic problems, and government economic policies. The Economics Department
offers 3 first year courses, the full-year (6.0 unit) Econ 110 and the two one term (3.0) unit Econ 111 and Econ
112, which together are equivalent to Econ 110.
The organization of the courses reflects the division of the discipline into two main branches: microeconomics
and macroeconomics. Microeconomics (covered in Econ 111 and the first half of Econ 110) deals with the
behavior of individual economic agents (households, firms and governments), with the determination of prices
and quantities in individual markets for commodities and resources, and with the role of governments in the
functioning of the market system. The fundamental objective of microeconomics is to explain the allocation of
resources and the distribution of income.
Macroeconomics (covered in Econ 112 and the second half of Econ 110) deals with the determination of
aggregate economic quantities, such as the level of national output, the levels of aggregate consumption and
investment, the level and structure of interest rates, the levels of total employment and unemployment, and the
average level and rate of change of all prices. Macroeconomics also examines how government policies
influence the aggregate behavior and performance of the economy.
The final grade for the full-year Econ 110 course will be determined in the following manner:
Assignments (3 per term) - 20%
Online Quizzes (2 per term) - 20%
Mid-Year Exam (held in the December exam period) - 30%
Final Exam (held in the April exam period - 2nd term material only) - 30%
The final grades for both of the one-term Econ 111 and Econ 112 courses will be determined in the following
Assignments (3) - 20%
Online Quizzes (2) - 20%
Final Exam (held in the end-of-term exam period) - 60%
The assignments will be posted, are due, and the solutions posted according to the schedule posted the on
Assignments, Solutions, and Due Dates page.
Given that students will be answering multiple choice questions on the online quizzes and examinations, it is
suggested that they use the multiple choice questions from the MyEconLab web site and/or the Study Guide as
examples and for practice.
9/10/2018 Coursework Timeline and Schedule - ECON110A/111 - Principles of Economics: Introductory Microeconomics F18 1/1
Econ 110A (Fall term) and Econ 111 Course Timeline and Work Schedule
For exact dates regarding course work, please refer to the Assignments and Online Quizzes pages.
Material Covered (approximate) Course Work
Week 1 Ch 1
Week 2 Ch 2, Ch 32 (first part) Assignment #1 posted
Week 3 Ch 3, begin Ch 4
Week 4 Ch 4, begin Ch 5 Assignment #1 due
Week 5 Ch 5, Ch 6
Online Quiz #1
Asssignment #2 posted
Week 6 Supp Ch, begin Ch 7 Assignment #1 returned
Week 7 Ch 7, begin Ch 8 Assignment #2 due
Week 8 Ch 8, Ch 9 Assignment #3 posted
Week 9 Ch 10, begin Ch 11
Online Quiz #2
Assignment #2 returned
Week 10 Ch 11, Ch 12 Assignment #3 due
Week 11 Ch 32 (last part), begin Ch 33
Week 12 Ch 33, Ch 13 Assignment #3 returned
December Exam
Do not book your travel home until you
know your exam schedule - no
exceptions will be made.
Econ 110 midyear exam
Econ 111 final exam

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