Elementary Calculus I

University of Alberta

The course description is the same as for MATH 113. Prerequisites: Mathematics 30-1, Mathematics 31 or equivalent. This course may not be taken for credit if credit has been obtained in MATH 100, 113, 117 or SCI 100.

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Niksirat,Mohammad Ali

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Niksirat,Mohammad Ali
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Niksirat,Mohammad Ali

MATH114 Syllabus for Niksirat,Mohammad Ali — Winter 2019

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University of Alberta
Department of Mathematical & Statistical Sciences
Math 114, Elementary Calculus I
Winter 2019
Course Website:
Main Website is hosted on eClass -
Course Description:
Review of analytic geometry. Differentiation of elementary, trigonometric, exponential,
and logarithmic functions. Applications of the derivative. Integration. Fundamental
Theorem of Calculus.
Note: Credit can be obtained in at most one of MATH 100, 113, 114, 117, 134, 144, or
SCI 100.
Course Prerequisites:
Pure Mathematics 30 or Mathematics 30-1 or equivalent.
It is important to possess the prerequisite material. Students who do not have the required
prerequisites at the time of taking this course or would like to strengthen their skills
should consider to register in the concurrent Precalculus Program or visit Access
Textbook and Enhanced WebAssign:
This course is based on Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 8th edition, by James Stewart.
Online homework will be administered through WebAssign. Access to Enhanced
WebAssign (EWA) is required. Please see the document Textbook and WebAssign
Information posted on eClass for purchasing options and registration instructions.
Class Time
Office Hours
MWF 8:00a - 8:50a
ESB 3 27
E. Osmanagic
CAB 481
MW 13:15 14:30
F 9:30 10:30
MWF 11:00a - 11:50a
ED N2 115
S. Desaulniers
CAB 689
TWR 9:30 10:30
MWF 12:00p - 12:50p
ESB 3 27
A. T.-M. Lau
CAB 693
MWF 14:00 14:50
MWF 2:00p - 2:50p
CCIS L2 190
M. A. Niksirat
CAB 567
MF 10:00 12:00
TR 11:00a - 12:20p
CCIS L1 140
S. Desaulniers
CAB 689
TWR 9:30 10:30
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Grade Evaluation:
The course mark will be calculated based on the following breakdown:
Weight of Total Mark
See eClass
See eClass
In Class: Feb 27 (Q1,R1, S1, T1); Feb 28 (U1)
Final Exam
Check Bear Tracks for the date and time.
An overall course mark of 50% or more guarantees a passing grade of at least D. An
overall course mark of 90% or more guarantees a grade of at least A-. Grades are
unofficial until approved by the Department and/or Faculty offering the course.
Note: The date of the final examination is set by the Registrar. Students must verify this
date on BearTracks when the Final Exam Schedule is posted.
Email Etiquette:
Use your @ualberta email address and a well construction subject line including
Math 114 to ensure it is not considered junk mail by the university spam filters.
Include your complete name.
Have correct grammar and spelling; make proper use of capital letters and
Write in a respectful and professional manner.
Consider using Piazza for mathematical questions. (See the Piazza tab on eClass)
Course Objectives and Expected Learning Outcomes:
This course is an introduction to calculus as a basic mathematical tool in solving
optimization, rate of change and area problems. The objective of the course is to provide
a basic knowledge of calculus and its applications.
On-Line Homework Disclaimer:
On-line homework is a component of this course and is provided by a third-party
company. Please be aware that this company will be storing assessment information that
may be associated with you. If you have any concerns about this, or if you do not wish
any of your personal information conveyed to the third-party company, please contact the
instructor of the course.
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WebAssign Assignments: Online homework is a required component of the course.
Completing the online homework helps students self-assess their progress in the course
and prepare for exams. Online homework will be administered through WebAssign. You
must register to Webassign with your UofA anonymous ID! Please see the document
WebAssign Registration Instructions, posted on eClass, for instructions on how to obtain
and register for WebAssign.
There will be a total of 11 WebAssign assignments. We will drop your one lowest
WebAssign mark and use your best 10 marks to calculate your WebAssign total. No late
assignments will be accepted! Failure to submit an assignment on time for any
reason will result in a mark of zero!
Worksheets: There will be 10 written worksheet assignments during the term. We will
drop your one lowest worksheet mark and use your best 9 marks out of 10 to calculate
your worksheet total. Completed worksheets will be submitted, graded and returned using
Crowdmark. Please see the document Crowdmark Instructions posted on eClass for
details on this process. Failure to submit a worksheet correctly and on time for any
reason will result in a mark of zero!
Workshops: Students who require assistance when working on the worksheets can
obtain help from the Teaching Assistants during workshops restricted to Math 114
students. During these Workshops students can actively work through their worksheet
questions in small groups with support of a teaching assistant. Workshop attendance is
not mandatory, but many students find it to be very helpful. The Workshop schedule and
location will be posted on eClass.
Calculators and formula sheets will NOT be allowed for exams. As well, no books, notes
or electronic devices are allowed for exams. All cell phones must be turned off and stored
in your bags during exams. Your student photo I.D. is required at exams. Students will
not be allowed to begin an examination after it has been in progress for 30 minutes, and
students must remain in the exam room until at least 30 minutes have elapsed.
Midterm and Final Exam practice questions, as well as, a practice exam will be posted on
eClass. Your examinations will follow a format similar to the posted practice
Excused Absence Where the Cause is Religious Belief:
For an excused absence where the cause is religious belief, a student must contact the
instructor within two weeks of the start of class to request accommodation for the term
(including the final exam, where relevant). Instructors may request adequate
documentation to substantiate the student request.
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Missed Term Work:
A student who cannot write the midterm exam due to incapacitating illness, severe
domestic affliction or other compelling reasons can apply for an excused absence. In this
case, the weight will be transferred to the final examination. There will be no deferred
midterm examination.
To apply for an excused absence, a student must inform the instructor within two
working days following the scheduled date of the term work or term exam missed, or as
soon as the student is able, having regard to the circumstances underlying the absence. In
all cases, instructors may request adequate documentation to substantiate the reason for
the absence at their discretion.
An excused absence is a privilege and not a right; there is no guarantee that an absence
will be excused. Misrepresentation of Facts to gain an excused absence is a serious
breach of the Code of Student Behaviour.
Missed Final Examination:
A student who cannot write the final examination due to incapacitating illness, severe
domestic affliction or other compelling reasons can apply for a deferred final
examination. Students who failed at the start of term to request exam accommodations
for religious beliefs are expected to follow the normal deferred final examination process.
Such an application must be made to the student’s Faculty office within two working
days of the missed examination and must be supported by a Statutory Declaration or
other appropriate documentation (Calendar section 23.5.6). Deferred examinations are a
privilege and not a right; there is no guarantee that a deferred examination will be
granted. Misrepresentation of Facts to gain a deferred examination is a serious breach of
the Code of Student Behaviour.
The deferred final examination is scheduled as follows
Date: Saturday, May 4, 2019
Time: 9:00 a
Location: CAB 357 (arrive at 8:30 a to register)
A student who writes the final examination and fails the course may apply for a re-
examination. These exams are governed by University (Calendar section 23.5.5) and
Faculty of Science Regulations (Calendar section 192.5.3). Misrepresentation of Facts to
gain a re-examination is a serious breach of the Code of Student Behaviour.
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Academic Integrity:
The University of Alberta is committed to the highest standards of academic integrity and
honesty. Students are expected to be familiar with these standards regarding academic
honesty and to uphold the policies of the University in this respect. Students are
particularly urged to familiarize themselves with the provisions of the Code of Student
Behaviour (online at and avoid any behaviour which could
potentially result in suspicions of cheating, plagiarism, misrepresentation of facts and/or
participation in an offence. Academic dishonesty is a serious offence and can result in
suspension or expulsion from the University.
All forms of dishonesty are unacceptable at the University. Any offense will be reported
to the Associate Dean of Science who will determine the disciplinary action to be taken.
Cheating, plagiarism and misrepresentation of facts are serious offenses. Anyone who
engages in these practices will receive at minimum a grade of zero for the exam or paper
in question and no opportunity will be given to replace the grade or redistribute the
weights. As well, in the Faculty of Science the sanction for cheating on any examination
will include a disciplinary failing grade (NO EXCEPTIONS) and senior students
should expect a period of suspension or expulsion from the University of Alberta.
Collaboration on Assignments:
Every term there are several students who receive academic penalties for copying
assignments. Here are some tips to avoid copying on assignments:
(1) Do not write down something that you cannot explain to your TA or instructor.
(2) When you are helping other students, avoid showing them your work directly.
Instead, explain your solution verbally. Students whose work is copied also
receive academic sanctions.
(3) If you find yourself reading another student's solution, do not write anything
down. Once you understand how to solve the problem, remove the other person's
work from your sight and then write up the solution to the question yourself.
Looking back and forth between someone else's paper and your own paper is
almost certainly copying and will result in academic sanctions for both you and
your fellow student.
(4) If the instructor or TA writes down part of a solution in order to help explain it to
you or the class, you cannot copy it and hand it in for credit. Treat it the same
way you would treat another student's work with respect to copying, that is,
remove the explanation from your sight and then write up the solution yourself.
(5) There is often more than one way to solve a problem. Choose the method that
makes the most sense to you rather than the method that other students happen to
use. If none of the ideas in your solution are your own, there is a good chance it
will be flagged as copying.
Please refer to the site “Collaborating on Assignments” link on the Truth in Education
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Cell Phones:
Cell phones are to be turned off during lectures, labs and seminars. Cell phones are not
to be brought to exams.
Recording and/or Distribution of Course Materials:
Audio or video recording, digital or otherwise, of lectures, labs, seminars or any other
teaching environment by students is allowed only with the prior written consent of the
instructor or as a part of an approved accommodation plan. Student or instructor content,
digital or otherwise, created and/or used within the context of the course is to be used
solely for personal study, and is not to be used or distributed for any other purpose
without prior written consent from the content author(s).
Students Eligible for Accessibility-Related Accommodations (students registered
with Student Accessibility Services SAS):
Eligible students have both rights and responsibilities with regard to accessibility-related
accommodations. Consequently, scheduling exam accommodations in accordance with
SAS deadlines and procedures is essential. Please note adherence to procedures and
deadlines is required for U of A to provide accommodations. Contact SAS
( for further information.
Student Success Centre:
Students who require additional help in developing strategies for better time
management, study skills, or examination skills should contact the Student Success
Centre (2-300 Students’ Union Building).
Decima Robinson Support Centre for Mathematical & Statistical Sciences:
Students who require additional help with assignments or have questions about the course
material in general are encouraged to visit the Decima Robinson Support Centre (528
Central Academic Building). Graduate students will be available to provide one-on-one
help. In order to get maximum help during each visit, students are asked to be specific
about the problem with which they are seeking help. The Centre is open Monday to
Friday, 9:00 15:00.
There are weekly review seminars every Wednesday afternoon from 3:30 to 4:20
specifically for Math 114.
The Decima Robinson Support Centre also offers a Pre-Calculus program designed to
offer review and practice of high school math skills as students require them in their
calculus course.
Policy about course outlines can be found in section 23.4(2) of the University Calendar.
Any typographical errors in this Course Outline are subject to change and will be
announced in class.

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