Single-Variable Calculus

University of California - Irvine

Definite integrals; the fundamental theorem of calculus. Applications of integration including finding areas and volumes. Techniques of integration. Infinite sequences and series.

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MATH 2B Syllabus for GUO, Z — Winter 2019

1/8/2019 MATH 2B LEC A: CALCULUS (44350) 的大纲 1/3
日期 详细信息
星期一 2019174.9 Antiderivatives (
event_id=116518&include_contexts=course_14268) 8:00 8:50
星期三 2019195.1 Areas and Distances (
event_id=116519&include_contexts=course_14268) 0:00
Suggested Homework
There is a problem list for each section of our text book. Our midterms and common final exams are
completely based on these problems, so they are the most important review material. Try to finish them as
many as you can before the exams. Homework will NOT be collected nor graded. (Suggested Homework)
This is online assignment, and will be graded. (Webwork)
Quizzes will be taken during the discussion section on almost every Thur. The quizzes are written by our TA,
and they will let you know the coverage of each quiz on every Tue. There will be a total of 6 quizzes.
We have two midterms that are non-accumulative. The midterm samples(with solutions) will be posted one
week before the exam day.
Common Final
For Winter 2019, the common final will take place on SATURDAY, March 16th, from 1:30 to
3:30pm. The common final will cover everything we learn in this quarter. I will post some samples(with
solutions) one week before the final day.
Makeup Policy
Webwork: There is no makeup for the webwork.
Quiz & Midterm: You should email me ( (not our TA) to request a makeup. You
should show me the original doctor's note or any other valid documents. There is no makeup for invalid
reasons. Fake doctor's note will be reported to Dishonesty Office immediately.
Common Final: You should complete this Makeup Request Form , and return it to Mike Vo
( in the Mathematics
Department Office, Rowland Hall 340. The deadline to request the makeup is Friday, Feb 22nd. After Feb
22nd, you should then email me ( directly for the makeup.
1/8/2019 MATH 2B LEC A: CALCULUS (44350) 的大纲 2/3
日期 详细信息
星期五 20191115.2 Definite Integral (
event_id=116520&include_contexts=course_14268) 0:00
星期一 20191145.3 Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (
event_id=116522&include_contexts=course_14268) 0:00
星期三 2019116
5.4 Indefinite Integrals and the Net Change Theorem
星期五 20191185.5 Substitution Rule (
event_id=116524&include_contexts=course_14268) 0:00
星期三 20191236.1 Area between Curves (
event_id=116525&include_contexts=course_14268) 0:00
星期五 20191256.2 Volume (
event_id=116526&include_contexts=course_14268) 0:00
星期一 2019128
6.5 Average Value of a Function, Review
星期三 2019130Midterm 1 (
event_id=116528&include_contexts=course_14268) 0:00
星期五 2019217.1 Integration by Parts (
event_id=116529&include_contexts=course_14268) 0:00
星期一 2019247.2 Trigonometric Integrals (
event_id=116530&include_contexts=course_14268) 0:00
星期三 2019267.3 Trigonometric Substitutions (
event_id=116531&include_contexts=course_14268) 0:00
星期五 2019287.4 Integration by Partial Fractions (
event_id=116532&include_contexts=course_14268) 0:00
星期一 20192117.5 Strategy for Integration (
event_id=116533&include_contexts=course_14268) 0:00
星期三 20192137.8 Improper Integrals (
event_id=116534&include_contexts=course_14268) 0:00
星期五 201921511.1 Sequences (
event_id=116535&include_contexts=course_14268) 0:00
星期三 2019220Review (
event_id=116536&include_contexts=course_14268) 0:00
1/8/2019 MATH 2B LEC A: CALCULUS (44350) 的大纲 3/3
日期 详细信息
星期五 2019222Midterm # 2 (
event_id=116537&include_contexts=course_14268) 0:00
星期一 201922511.2 Series (
event_id=116538&include_contexts=course_14268) 0:00
星期三 2019227
11.3 & 11.4 Integral Test, Comparison Test
星期五 201931
11.5 & 11.6 Alternating Series Test, Absolute Convergece (start 11.6)
星期一 20193411.6 Ratio and Root Tests (
event_id=116541&include_contexts=course_14268) 0:00
星期三 20193611.7 Strategy for Testing Series (
event_id=116542&include_contexts=course_14268) 0:00
星期五 20193811.8 Power Series (
event_id=116543&include_contexts=course_14268) 0:00
星期一 201931111.9 Representations of Power Series (
event_id=116544&include_contexts=course_14268) 0:00
星期三 201931311.10 Taylor and Maclaurin Series (
event_id=116545&include_contexts=course_14268) 0:00
星期五 2019315Review (
event_id=116546&include_contexts=course_14268) 0:00
星期六 2019316Common Final (
event_id=117261&include_contexts=course_14268) 13:30 15:30


MATH 2B Syllabus for XIN, J. — Winter 2019

Math 2B Lecture D (44370)
ELH 100, MWF: 1:00 pm - 1:50 pm
Lecture: Prof. J. XIN
Office: RH540E; Email:
Discussion 40,41: Y. Biao
Discussion 42,43: F. Xue
We shall cover selectively sections from 4.9 to 11.10 of the textbook “Calculus: Early
Transcendentals” by James Stewart, 8th edition/UCI Custom Edition, in the winter quarter
of 2018. The main website for instruction and exam materials is at:
Reference syllabus is here:
Homework is administered online through WebWork (WWK), visit in the second week
of class:
for instruction on how to use it and how to login (course code plus UCI netid). For an
overview of WWK, go to: Page
The first assignment will be posted with a due date of Friday, There will be a WWK
assignment due each subsequent week. Each assignment will follow this Thursday-to-Friday
schedule. Details are posted at class website:
EXAMs/Quizzes (No Books, Notes, and Calculators Allowed):
(1) Common final is on Sat, Mar. 16, 1:30-3:30 pm. Info on common final is at:
(2) 2 Midterms (in class): Jan 30, Feb 20.
(3) Quizzes (in discussion): ask your TA.
Grading policy:
Final Exam: 40 %, Midterm 1: 20 %, Midterm 2: 20 %, Quizzes: 10 %, WebWork 10 %.
There is no makeup for Midterms. If you miss a Midterm due to a verifiable
emergency (see item 3 of final exam make-up policy), a substitute grade will be made based
on the corresponding portion of your final exam. There is no make-up for Quizzes. There
is no credit for any late homework.You are responsible for following all announcements
made in class and on the class website. Photo ID verification is required at all exams.
You must bring your ID and keep it in good condition for facial recognition.
Make-up Final Exam Policy:
It is expected that students will make every effort to take their final exam at the
scheduled time. However, requests for make-up final exams will be considered under the
following guidelines:
1. A student will be granted a make-up if the Saturday final exam time violates the
students religious creed.
2. A student may be granted a make-up exam at the discretion of the course facilitator
if the Saturday exam time would result in loss of wages constituting financial hardship,
need for child care resulting in financial hardship, inability to procure transportation or
loss of employment.
3. A student may be granted a make-up exam at the discretion of the course facilitator if
there is a verifiable emergency, which prevents the student from taking the final examination
at the scheduled time. Such emergencies include, but are not limited to, serious illness,
death of immediate family member, or serious accident.
4. A student will be granted a make-up if they have a disability registered with the
Disability Services Center.
5. A student will be granted a make-up if they are enrolled in Math 2B at the same
time they are re-taking Math 2A for a higher grade.
A final exam make-up request form must be completed and submitted to Mathematics
Undergraduate Program Coordinator’s Office in Rowland Hall 340B by the Friday of the
7th week of classes (except in case of emergencies). Last minute emergencies must be
reported to Dr. Neil Donaldson ( as soon as possible to discuss
make-up exam.
(free) Math tutoring center:
UCI policy of academic honesty:
Math department add/drop and waitlist policy:
Math 2B suggested syllabus
2018–19 academic year
(based on 29 lectures)
Text: Stewart, Calculus: Early Transcendentals or Single Variable Calculus: Early transcendentals, 8th
Edition or UCI Custom Edition, 8th Edition.
Lecture Section Topic
1 4.9 Antiderivatives (review)
2 5.1 Areas and Distances
3 5.2 Definite Integral
4 5.3 Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
5 5.4 Indefinite Integrals and the Net Change Theorem
6 5.5 Substitution Rule
7 6.1, 6.2 Area between Curves, Volume
8 6.2 Volume
9 6.5 Average Value of a Function, Review
10 Midterm #1
11 7.1 Integration by Parts
12 7.2 Trigonometric Integrals
13 7.3 Trigonometric Substitutions
14 7.4 Integration by Partial Fractions
15 7.5 Strategy for Integration
16 7.8 Improper Integrals
17 11.1 Sequences
18 Review
19 Midterm # 2
20 11.2 Series
21 11.3, 11.4 Integral Test, Comparison Test
22 11.5, 11.6 Alternating Series Test, Absolute Convergece (start 11.6)
23 11.6 Ratio and Root Tests
24 11.7 Strategy for Testing Series
25 11.8 Power Series
26 11.9 Representations of Power Series
27 11.10 Taylor and Maclaurin Series
28 Catch-up and Review
29 Review for final
In case of a quarter with 28 lectures, skip the “Catch-up and review” day prior to the final.

Jack Xin

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